Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Homage to the Unheralded Very Cool People

Some time ago when Dr. Mike Newcomb had a morning radio show on the local Air America affiliate, his topic du jour was religion and gay issues.

He took a phone call from a man who described himself as a "lapsed Catholic" who no longer associated himself with any church, and he spent a few moments describing his spiritual struggle with his homosexuality during past decades when our culture was even more openly hostile to gays than it remains now.

He said he prayed, he read scripture, he tried everything he could within his faith but his homosexuality of course persevered. Then came his most interesting comments:

He said that over the course of this personal crisis he'd spoken candidly to many priests about his efforts, and they all, every one, simply suggested that he learn to just accept himself for who he was and who god made him.

No homophobia, no ostracism, no condemnation, no hate.

"Just learn to accept yourself for who you are," they all told him.

I never take it for granted when people treat one another in a respectful and civil manner. I consider such things miraculous. And rather inspiring.

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