Friday, March 16, 2007

Savage Hygiene

There's a talk-radio station here locally that features sane hosts and guests that offer reality-based views that I often learn from and with which I often strongly agree. But rather than listen to commercials I button-down to one or other of the other stations.

I paraphrase what I recently heard on one of these:

"Never go to the bathroom in a Chinese restaurant. No, don't do that wash your hands thing and use your elbows to push open the door to get out. You'll get hepatitis A, B, C and whatever else. Just don't even go into a Chinese resaturant bathroom. Don't. Ever. Save it until you get home."

Michael Wiener (Savage.) Racist. Hate-monger. And no vigorous practitioner of proper personal hygiene. Don't shake hands with him after he's been to a restroom.

Aren't you glad that if you get sick and must be hospitalized that your nurses won't be like this guy? We wash our hands probably 130 times a day, and we do not carry cultural nor racial hatred in our hearts and minds.

We just try to help people get better. One cannot say the same for Savage Wiener. He's trying to make people worse.

I'm better off when I flip over to the classical station and listen to Mozart instead.


cabearie said...

And this is why I much prefer nurses to weiners.

opit said...

Free association : "What a wiener !" ....
"What a dick !"
Of course, I think shrimp belongs on the barbie and should be washed down with beer. Be warned !

Eli Blake said...

Remember when a major network, I think it might have been ABC, some years ago gave him his own TV show, and they had to cancel the show after he told a gay man live on air, "I hope you get AIDS and die."

But they shouldn't have been surprised, because that is typical of what he says on the radio every night. The sad thing is that there are enough bigots and hate mongers out there to where he gets decent ratings, enough to stay on the air. Sort of, if he didn't say those things then the crazies out there would still feel those things.